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LAEDC works to increase economic opportunity and raise standards of living for all Los Angeles County residents by fostering growth of our key industries and the jobs they create.

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Every job created, every local business that prospers is a vaccination against harmful economic, environmental, and social determinants of health — and provides nutrients that strengthen individual and community total health.

Jodie Lesh, Senior VP, Kaiser Permanente

According to the Air Resources Board, less than 20 percent (of cap-and-trade money) went to projects within our six-county region, even though we account for 48 percent of the state’s population.

Kish Rajan, President of SoCal Leadership

...Among the world’s 30 leading cities, L.A. ranks ranking #4 in the demographics and livability indicator, #1 in city brand, #5 in senior well-being, #6 in relocation attractiveness, #7 in entertainment and attractions, and #9 in the “Youthful Cities” Index.

Mitra M. Best, PwC

The mode of transportation as we know it is slowly changing and LA Metro needs to remain relevant not only today but in the future.

Phil Washington, CEO, LA Metro

"One of the top reasons Los Angeles County is a leader in the advanced transportation and alternative fuels industry is the sheer size of our market."

JoAnne Golden-Stewart, Co-Chair, Advanced Transportation Center

"As exemplified by LAEDC and its leadership, it is crucial that we work together as a region to make positive steps towards implementing cleaner energy practices."

Rick Teebay, Program Manager, Office of Sustainability, County of Los Angeles

The leading employers in LA County are also LAEDC members