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Many of the workers employed in the design, manufacture, distribution, operation and service of electric vehicles are those who have worked in similar roles for traditional combustible engine vehicles. As electric vehicles and other forms of alternative fuel vehicles become more prevalent, new occupations with unique skill sets are emerging, resulting in the need for specialized training.

The workforce required for the electric vehicle and infrastructure industry has diverse occupations across many industries with varying levels of education, training and experience. However, most occupations working in the EV industry will require some kind of specialized training or work experience, particularly in manufacturing, electrical contracting, maintenance, and by emergency responders.

Training programs in California are provided either through employers, PEV and EVSE manufacturers, technical schools, community colleges and universities.

Go here for a list of occupations related to the electric vehicle industry sector.

Training/Education Programs in LA County

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) – Electric vehicle charging stations are necessary for most plug-in hybrid vehicles and all battery-electric vehicles. The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) was developed in response to the demand for qualified individuals who were skilled in the installation and maintenance of EVSE infrastructure.  Go here for more information.  You can watch a video of this training here.

Electric Vehicle Safety Training (by National Fire Protection Association) provides training to first responders on how to deal with hybrid and electric vehicles.  Go here for more information.

Art Center’s Transportation Design Program “has long served as a catalyst for innovation and more than 60 years after its creation, our program continues to be the best educational environment for designers seeking transportation design careers.”  Go here for more information.