PROFILE: UCLA Office of Intellectual Property & Industry Sponsored Research

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PrintThe UCLA Office of Intellectual Property & Industry Sponsored Research (OIP-ISR) supports UCLA’s research, education and service mission by educating the academic community about appropriate methods for protecting intellectual property; accelerating the development of UCLA discoveries for the public good; promoting economic growth in California and worldwide; and facilitating collaborations with industry for next-generation scientific breakthroughs. To achieve these goals, UCLA’s OIP-ISR manages inventions developed by its faculty, staff and students, pursues intellectual property protection on those inventions, engages with industry and investor communities, and facilitates sponsored research at the university.

In 2012, UCLA’s OIP-ISR took in 343 new inventions, received 74 issued U.S. patents, spun out 14 startups based on university technology, and licensed 65  inventions to companies.

Traditionally, university research has focused only on the basic research part in the research and development value chain. However, new initiatives are allowing UCLA to catalyze lab scale proof-of-concept testing, development of prototypes, and product testing.

The total invention portfolio stands at 1,926 active inventions, 675 active U.S. patents, and 425 active utility license agreements, and there are more than 177 companies nationwide who have licensed technologies developed at UCLA.

Interested in UCLA OIP-ISR and its work? UCLA OIP-ISR provides channels for the business and investor community to engage with the university, license UCLA technologies, and establish research partnerships with its faculty members. UCLA has a portfolio of Clean Technologies that are available for licensing [UCLA Clean Technologies].

Visit the OIP-ISR website for more information: http://oip.ucla.edu