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LAEDC Signs on in Opposition to AB 1671 with Dozens of Orgs – Re Vote on Delta Conveyance

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April 1, 2014

Assembly Member Jim Frazier
California State Assembly
State Capitol, Room 3091
Sacramento, California 95814

Re: AB 1671 (Frazier): Delta Conveyance OPPOSE
Date of Hearing: April 8, 2014
Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee

Dear Assembly Member Frazier:
On behalf of the public agencies and business organizations noted below, we regret to inform you of our opposition to your bill, AB 1671. We view AB 1671 as a threat to achieving the co-equal goals of ecosystem restoration and reliable water supplies in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The drought conditions that are now challenging communities throughout California underscore the need to capture adequate supplies during storm cycles in order to store adequate supplies in reserve. Our ability to capture supplies is severely compromised by the environmental deterioration in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta and the associated restrictions on the State Water Project and Central Valley Project.

The ongoing Bay Delta Conservation Plan process is a landmark effort to advance both water system and ecosystem improvements in the Delta. The historic package of Delta legislation in 2009 wisely chose to set an achievable and balanced set of state policies to restore this vital estuary and improve the reliability of water supplies if they are given a chance to succeed. AB 1671 seeks to undermine this science-based planning process with a political one that would perpetuate a status quo that is neither in the interest of the Delta nor California.

The many layers of protections for the Delta contained in the 2009 legislative package will
help guide future conveyance decisions to achieve the co-equal goals. The proposed size of
new intakes on the Sacramento River, as described in the draft BDCP, reflects a very careful
balancing act between the needs of the water delivery system and by designing the facility
to ensure the ecosystem has appropriate flows, flow patterns and restored habitat.
To adapt a phrase often associated with the Delta, AB 1671 is a “Politics Before Plumbing”
approach which seeks to design California’s future water system in the political
environment of Sacramento.

The undersigned are committed to meeting California’s water management challenges in a
manner consistent with achieving the co-equal goals established by the Legislature. The
Legislature has already adopted safeguards in state law to govern new Delta conveyance
infrastructure that it deemed prudent back in 2009. AB 1671 is unnecessary.
For all of the above reasons, we must oppose AB 1671.


Jim Wunderman, President & CEO
Bay Area Council

Ron Davis, General Manager
Burbank Water and Power

Valerie Nera
California Chamber of Commerce

Susan Mulligan, General Manager
Calleguas Water District

Dan Masnada, General Manager
Castaic Lake Water Agency

Carol E. Schatz, President & CEO
Central City Association of Los Angeles

Brendan Huffman, Executive Director
Chambers of Commerce Alliance of Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties

Jim Barrett, General Manager
Coachella Valley Water District

Martin E. Zvirbulis, General Manager/CEO
Cucamonga Valley Water District

Paul Jones, II, General Manager
Eastern Municipal Water District

John D. Vega, General Manager
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

Al Smith, President & CEO
Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce

Paul Granillo, President & CEO
Inland Empire Economic Partnership

Paul Cook, General Manager
Irvine Ranch Water District

James M. Beck, General Manager
Kern County Water Agency

David W. Pedersen, P.E., General Manager
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

Gary L. Toebben, President & CEO
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

David Flaks, Chief Operating Officer
Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation

James R. Fisler, President, BOD
Mesa Water District

Jeffrey Kightlinger, General Manager
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Kirby Brill, General Manager
Mojave Water Agency

Lucy Dunn, President & CEO
Orange County Business Council

Nancy Lindholm, President & CEO
Oxnard Chamber of Commerce

Phyllis E. Currie, General Manager
Pasadena Water and Power

Girish Balachandran, General Manager
Riverside Public Utilities

Douglas D. Headrick, General Manager
San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District

Robert Lindscheid, President & CEO
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

Cynthia Kurtz, President & CEO
San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership

Matthew R. Mahood
President & CEO
San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce

Celest Cantú, General Manager
Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority

Holly Schroeder, President & CEO
Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation

Carl Guardino, President & CEO
Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Leigh Nixon, President & CEO
Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce

Billie Greer, President
Southern California Leadership Council

Rich Atwater, Executive Director
Southern California Water Committee

Richard Hansen, Gen. Mgr/Chief Engineer
Three Valleys Municipal Water District

Marion E. Jocz, Executive Director
United Chambers of Commerce,
San Fernando Valley & Region

Shane Chapman, General Manager
Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District

Michael Holmes, General Manager
Walnut Valley Water District

Richard Nagel, General Manager
West Basin Municipal Water District

Gail Delihant
Western Growers

John Rossi, General Manager
Western Municipal Water District

Edward P. Manning
KP Public Affairs
Westlands Water District

Jill Duerig, General Manager
Zone 7 Water Agency