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Los Angeles InnovationWeek Events Announced!

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Events have been announced for the first-ever Los Angeles InnovationWeek, Oct 6-12 2014.

Events are still being added!  View the LAIW calendar of events.

You can also visit the website for Los Angeles InnovationWeek, or follow on Twitter @LAIW2014


LAEDC is a partner in LA InnovationWeek and the LAEDC October 8th Economic  Forecast Event is a great place to learn what is coming next.  The event will discuss how the rapid pace of innovation and related global forces have produced profound changes in the California economy.  Our industries are becoming more innovation and capital intensive, and the workforce in almost every field requires skills that are very different from 10 or 20 years ago.

 Join CSU Chancellor Timothy White as we ask how our universities are adapting and innovating to deliver a workforce that is relevant and competitive, which is essential to regional prosperity. California’s higher education institutions give our state a competitive advantage, and in particular, the role of the CSU System in preparing our workforce that the economy will need in the next 5 to 10 years.

As part of this focus, LAEDC’s Dr. Robert Kleinhenz is providing a longer range forecast to show what this economy is going to look like 5 years from now, to help our businesses, educational institutions, and workers prepare to be continuously ahead of the curve.

Which sectors of the economy will grow and which will decline by 2019? 

Which occupations will see the fastest growth?

Please join us on October 8 as we engage in this critical conversation.






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