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Automation of Jobs – New Report from White House

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These charts are excerpts from the White House report

A new report from the White House discusses the increasing impact of automation on jobs in the U.S.  Low-wage jobs and jobs with lower educational requirements are facing the threat of elimination as automation technologies are adopted.

The report discusses the need for more focus on workforce development to help our workers navigate this shift and develop new skills.  There are also opportunities to foster the growth of well-paying jobs as we look at our region’s key and emerging industries.

These issues are critical for Los Angeles and our 10 million residents, and our region’s Strategic Plan for Economic Development (SPĒD L.A.) offers many strategies for navigating the rapid economic transition.   LAEDC hopes your organization will work to implement relevant areas of the Plan.


Read the recommendations of SPĒD L.A. here

Learn more about the challenges posed by our rapid economic transition here

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