The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation is a private-sector, non-profit corporation, and our team is dedicated to a public benefit mission that advances opportunity and prosperity for all.  We believe that many of LA’s most urgent social needs are linked to economic opportunity.

We pursue our mission through analysis of the Southern California economy, initiatives to address opportunities and challenges, and via partnership with the private business community, public agencies, educational institutions and philanthropic organizations to shape and promote equity, resilience, sustainability and more widely shared growth in the region. LAEDC facilitates a wide variety of economic development initiatives and delivers a broad range of research, information, programs and services to foster greater standards of living for the 10 million residents of LA County. We hope you will join us in this mission.

The LAEDC is hiring! Open Positions:

Senior Economist
Associate Economist
Public Policy Program Manager
Business Assistance District Manager

Administrative Assistant Volunteer
Internship: Marketing & Events

Please review each of the job descriptions for more specific contact information.

LAEDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.