Why invest in the LAEDC?

The regional economy is in the midst of a rapid and unprecedented transition, as we move further into the Information Age.  The nature of economic opportunity is changing and creating uncertainty about jobs of the future in the L.A. County region.   LAEDC develops approaches and takes action to help our region and its residents navigate this change and positions our leading industry clusters to succeed and create more good jobs. In short, LAEDC’s purpose is to advance opportunity and prosperity for all.  We promote a globally competitive, prosperous and growing L.A. County economy to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents and communities and enable people to meet their basic human need for a job.

Membership with the LAEDC directly supports this nonprofit mission and allows you to partner with like-minded organizations and an expert team of economists to solve complex issues and promote job retention and creation in our regional economy.

Membership also places your organization at the head of the table alongside industry leaders, stakeholders, and elected officials. Learn about LAEDC membership levels and benefits.

“The LAEDC is SCE’s primary stakeholder in growing, attracting, and retaining jobs in Los Angeles County. They serve as a unifying collaborative partner in the County of Los Angeles, who strategically provide a comprehensive approach and portfolio of economic development tools and resources to help stabilize and grow the regional economy. They are valued partners with a successful history directly benefitting Los Angeles County and indirectly benefitting the greater Southern California region.” –Michael Bushey, Acting Director, Technical Services, Southern California Edison

Here is a complete list of the opportunities to support LAEDC’s work

To become a member or sponsor LAEDC’s events and initiatives, contact Melissa Kham.

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