Identify What You Need to Sustain and Grow Your Business

  1. Tax Incentives –  California Competes Credit, the Tax Exclusion Program and the R&D Tax Credit, among a myriad of other tax incentives resources your business assistance consultant can help you qualify for and secure.
  2. Customized Business Review – Maybe your business could use a review of its workers’ compensation insurance program, improved energy efficiency or a workplace productivity analysis, all of which can improve your bottom line. We can help find opportunities to generate more revenue.
  3. Grow Your Business Opportunities
    1. Procurement & Marketing Services – Whether it’s new procurement contracts with government or developing creative new ways to market your business, we can connect you to the right resource to get you the expertise you need.
    2. Import/Export Opportunities – Through our affiliation with the World Trade Center Los Angeles, we’ll identify import-export opportunities and explore ways you may benefit from LA’s Foreign Trade Zone or the U.S. Commercial Service, which is co-located with LAEDC.
  4. Access to Financing – Want to raise new capital? We’ll point you in the direction of a number of government and private-sector programs designed to help businesses secure short-term loans or non-traditional financing options to acquire or refurbish facilities and provide working capital to sustain your growth.
  5. Help Finding Regional Strategic Partners in Your Industry and Area
  6. Research & Development Resources – Need help writing a business, discovering a new way to promote your products and services  or creating a new marketing plan? Our research and development resources can help you build a foundation to the best laid plans.
  7. Ease the Permitting & Regulatory Process – Permitting, licenses and other regulatory process seem like a complicated, expensive and insurmountable hurdle to most business owners. The Business Assistance team is well-acquainted with government agencies and officials in every part of City of LA. They can put you in touch with the people who can help you quickly cut through the red tape required to start a business or expand an existing one.
  8. Containing Rising Business Costs – One of the most effective ways to improve the bottom line is to find more efficient and productive ways to do business. The options our team can help you explore to reduce costs range from energy audits and reviews of worker’s compensation and general liability insurance programs to programs offered by LA city agencies that lead to cost savings that will fall right to your bottom line.We can also guide you to resources that will help you set up policies that encourage cost-saving innovations while rewarding employees who help your company run as efficiently as possible.
  9. Learn from the Experts – Attend business events on various topics. Click here for a list of LAEDC’s upcoming events.

No time to attend an event?  Listen to one of our archived webinars at a time more convenient to your schedule. 

Trying to shine above your competition isn’t easy in a down economy. We needed to purchase new equipment and expand to make that happen. When the LAEDC, CMTC and the LA WIB sculptured a new path for us, we found new funding and resources needed to increase market share by 98 percent.

Jane A. Skeeter
quote-bottomFounder/CEO, UltraGlas, Inc.