LAEDC Supports Success of this Industry

As part of our non-profit economic development mission, LAEDC is fostering success and growth of the biosciences industry cluster in the L.A. County region.  Our collaborative approach helps leverage and coordinate our many regional resources to develop the L.A. region’s potential as a premier bioscience capital. This will result in additional economic opportunity, job creation and future economic development of the region.   Through our work on the L.A. County Biosciences Implementation Plan, as directed by the County Board of Supervisors, LAEDC brought together a team of organizations to focus on building capacity in the industry, growing businesses and job opportunity in the region. We have also reconfigured our Business Assistance Team around this key industry cluster and have dedicated two District Managers to further supporting the success of our region’s Bioscience industry. If you are interested in relocating to the region, or are a business with questions/issues, etc. please contact Bob Machuca at (626) 856-3400 or Daina Moore at (213) 399-5933 for assistance. 

Biosciences Implementation Plan for County of L.A.

In 2016, LAEDC completed a biosciences industry growth implementation plan as a commissioned project by County of Los Angeles. LAEDC brought together a set of subject matter expert organizations with knowledge and experience in regional bioscience industry cluster capacity-building, including, BioCom, BioAccel, Keck Graduate Institute, CommonWeal, Collaborative Economics and others.  The research, recommendations, and action items contained in the implementation plan are in review by County at this time.  LAEDC also applies insights from this project to our work fostering this industry cluster.

LAEDC will continue to facilitate the infrastructure and relationships that are essential to growth of the industry cluster, with the goal of creating greater economic opportunity for residents of L.A. County and Southern California.

Economic Research

LAEDC has done substantial research on the industry’s needs, and can offer partners information about workforce, R&D assets, IP, serial entrepreneur networks, financing and access to capital, relationship networks, heat-maps showing geographic concentrations of activity, real-estate recommendations, and more.  LAEDC also evaluates opportunities and gaps in the biosciences ecosystem in the region.  While the research is not yet publicly available, to learn more about these topics please contact Carolyn Hull at LAEDC, at 213-236-4828 or [email protected]

Additional reports


Business Assistance Services

LAEDC’s Business Assistance Program has a targeted effort to assist companies involved in biosciences to locate, expand and stay in Los Angeles County.  There is no cost for this program, and our strategic consultants help firms overcome challenges at their sites, including expediting permits, solving cost containment issues, accessing employee training programs, solving site location challenges, and developing strategies to avoid layoffs and improve overall operations.  Our consultants routinely bring together the right people around the table to overcome challenges, including city and county officials, utilities, workforce development organizations, insurance cost experts, and more. We have also reconfigured our Business Assistance Team around this key industry cluster and have dedicated two District Managers to further supporting the success of our region’s Bioscience industry — Please contact Bob Machuca at (626) 856-3400 or Daina Moore at (213) 399-5933 for assistance. These confidential consultations are provided at no cost, as part of our public-benefit mission.

Public Policy Advocacy

LAEDC helps policymakers craft legislation and supports legislation when possible, to create a stronger foundation for growth of this industry and its jobs.  To learn more or bring a public policy issue to LAEDC’s attention, please contact the Bioscience Industry Cluster Development at 213-236-4828, or [email protected]

Marketing & Promotion of the Industry

LAEDC is currently developing marketing and promotion plans to help accelerate growth of the regional biosciences industry cluster, as part of the Biosciences Industry Cluster Implementation Plan that LAEDC is developing for County of Los Angeles.  We hope to make more information available soon, or contact us directly to learn about our recommendations, which span from capital and investment to real estate.

Export Assistance

Los Angeles has the best exporting infrastructure and network of logistics resources in the USA, whether exporting internationally, or to neighboring states.  Develop your firm’s exporting opportunities by leveraging key resources at LAEDC.  Our affiliate World Trade Center Los Angeles provides export assistance and organizes trade missions to open new markets.  Co-located at LAEDC’s offices is the U.S. Commercial Service, which also provides export assistance for biosciences/lifesciences companies.  Additionally, LAEDC’s Business Assistance Program offers strategic consulting at no charge and is often the best place to start your inquiry.  LAEDC can also identify additional resources for you.

Workforce Development

Contact our Business Assistance Program for assistance.

Contact Us

Learn more and become involved with LAEDC’s work of building capacity in this key industry cluster of Southern California.

Contact LAEDC’s Strategic Initiatives Department for additional information about our Bioscience Industry Cluster Development work at 213-236-4852, or [email protected].

Get resources from Biocom

A key resource to bioscience and lifescience stakeholders is LAEDC partner Biocom, which is one of the organizations responsible for San Diego’s tremendously successful bioscience industry growth.  Biocom’s LA-based staff, located in DTLA is working with local stakeholders to improve access to capital, provide matchmaking, and work on a myriad of issues to replicate San Diego’s bioscience results here, with our own unique LA style and focus.

More About Biosciences, Biopharma, Medical Devices in L.A.

Key Facts about LA County's Biosciences Industry

  • L.A. County is home to many establishments in the biosciences industry cluster, with tens of thousands of skilled workers and world-class researchers at several of the top research universities in the world.
  • L.A. County is home to some of the nation’s finest research and teaching hospitals including the UCLA Medical Center, USC’s Keck School of Medicine, Keck Graduate Institute, the City of Hope, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, the Doheny and Stein Eye Institutes and a number of other specialized research facilities, such as the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute.  Our world-leading research universities are hard at work on new technologies, cures, and solutions to global challenges, as well as developing the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs.  For example, Caltech, rated the #1 research university in the world for several years running, is doing substantial work in the many areas of bioscience, and it’s scientists, researchers, students and technology transfer office are working on implantable drug pumps, artificial retinas, 3D dental imaging, cures for HIV, and many other technologies including sensor arrays to deliver muscle commands to robotic limbs.  Additional research universities USC, UCLA and other regional universities including the Cal State system are also conducting substantial R&D, creating Intellectual Property (IP), which contributes to commercialization potential for businesses in the region. These are just a few examples of the local innovation in L.A. County that is driving the startup and spinoff of companies and delivering a workforce capable of helping these companies succeed.
  • Supporting their efforts are a number of organizations in L.A. County like the Southern California Biomedical Council, the Pasadena BioScience Coallaborative, LAB Launch, and more.
  • Biomed parks can be found at L.A. Biomed in Torrance, Cal State Northridge, West Los Angeles, and clusters of medical research firms in Santa Clarita and Pasadena.

California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine (CIAPM)

This partnership between the state, the University of California, and other public and private entities will help build the infrastructure and assemble the resources necessary to advance precision medicine-oriented data, tools and applications.

The initiative supports patient-focused demonstration projects and is assembling an inventory of California’s precision medicine assets, enabling the state’s scientists, clinicians and entrepreneurs to turn available large data sets and technical innovation into better health outcomes and informing strategic areas for the future development of precision medicine-related projects.

Precision medicine is likely to transform the way healthcare is delivered, and Los Angeles is well positioned to create jobs as research and commercialization increase in our region.  Please talk to Camille Stephens at LAEDC to express interest in levering CIAPM to help grow the industry in L.A. County.

Also, learn more about CIAPM at this link: