Interested in Growing a New or Existing Business in Los Angeles County

LAEDC’s Business Assistance team offers confidential, no cost or obligation services to:

Permit Assistance:

  • Expediting, and navigating and fast-tracking the permitting cycle (Department of Public Works, Fire Department, Sanitation, Health Department, Building & Safety, Air Quality Management District, and much more)

Lean Processes and Cost Containment:

  • Identification of resources for business efficiency and cost containment

Workforce Development:

  • Funding and training resources on both County, State and Federal level to help offset the cost of hiring and training

 Utility Incentives and Programs:

  • Local utility programs; energy rebates, energy efficiency programs, energy audits to reduce utility expenses

 Access to Capital: 

  • Government and private-sector programs, short-term loans or non-traditional financing options to acquire or refurbish facilities and provide working capital to sustain your growth.


LAEDC’s Connection to Resources



LAEDC’s Business Assistance Team Consulting Services

Sample of Services the Business Assistance team offers at no cost or obligation: 

  • Identify business needs and factors impacting firm’s sustainability and resiliency
  • Strategic business advisory and technical assistance consulting services
  • Identify the Los Angeles region’s prominent traded industry cluster partners and resources best suited to address firm’s needs and resolve challenges
  • Expense reduction analysis with review of firm’s current operations and desired future state goals
  • Review company’s current risk management portfolio to identify areas for more effective coverage, premium reduction and/or management of open claims for Workers’ Compensation, Property & Casualty Insurance, Health and Benefits Insurance Packages, just to name a few.

Need Help?

LAEDC’s Business Assistance team has access to a variety resources to help grow and expand your business in L.A. County.

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Opening a unique coffee roaster in LA’s Arts District boiled down to getting simultaneous approvals from 13 different city departments, a tall order for any business. The LAEDC and WIB went to work for us, creating a fast and workable solution that let us go from design through construction in under eight months.

Tyler Stonebreaker
quote-bottomConsultant, Handsome Coffee Roasters